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Macro-Projects: Environments and Technologies

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Macro-Projects: Environments and Technologies

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In recent years of the 21st Century the authors of this book and other scientists as well, have instigated and described many new macro-projects, USA and other countries patented concepts, speculative Macro-engineering ideas, and other general innovations in technology and environment change. These all hold the enticing promise for a true revolution in the lives of humans everywhere in the Solar System.
Here, the authors include and review new methods for travel in outer space, promising means to increase the safety of aviation, comfortable permanent settlements on the Moon and Mars, as well as for Earthâs hazardous polar regions, control of local and global weather conditions, new methods of irrigation âwithout waterâ, conversion of cold and hot deserts and Earthâs non-twin polar regions to 'evergreen' gardens, protection against forecasted hurricane storm surge waves and inundations, unpredictable tsunami, and other weather-related floods, cheap protection of cities against nuclear warheads and aviation bombs, magnetic aircraft, channels for free traveling in outer space, thermonuclear reactors, wind power stations, along with many others.
Here we succinctly summarize some of these revolutionary macro-projects, concepts, ideas, innovations, and methods for scientists, engineers, technical students, and the world public. We do seek future attention from the general public, other macro-engineers, inventors, as well as scientists of all persuasions for these presented innovations. And, naturally, we fervently hope the popular news media, various governments and the large international aerospace and other engineering-focused corporations will, as well, increase their respective observation, R&D activity in the technologies for living and the surrounding human environment.


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